Remove any cars from the driveway and try to make sure they are not visible in front of the house
Hide any trash cans
Clean windows
Organize outside furniture, things such as taking the cover off of the grill
Sweep up exterior and pressure wash if needed
Cut, rake, water grass, and remove any weeds or vegetation that you do not want a client to see
Reduce clutter
Interior General Tips:
Again, the biggest thing is making the house clutter free and tidy. Try to remove all personal items that won't be sold in the house
Check that all lightbulbs are working
Remove door mats and any carpets that you believe are protecting a more appealing floor
Remove all evidence of pets
Open all blinds
Turn off TV, computer screens, and ceiling fans
Conceal power cords; unplug them if necessary (except lights)
Put all shoes away
Make sure there are no clothes in the machines or hanging in the laundry room
Make beds, straighten picture frames/artwork, organize pillows, etc.
Avoid hiding items under beds or furniture
Remove any personal information that you wouldn’t want visible online
Clear all counter tops – A few small appliances, fruit bowls, plants etc. are ok, but avoid anything tall that might be distracting or block the view
Clear the fridge completely – Remove all magnets, photos, lists, etc.
Clean appliances – Be sure to remove all fingerprints, smudges, etc.
Put trash cans away
Make sure the sink is clean and free of dishes
Put away dish soap, cloths, etc.
Remove calendars as they can date a listing
Straighten bar stools and table chairs
Put toilet lids down
Clear counter of all personal belongings
Clean mirrors
Open shower curtains – remove all bottles, razers, soap, etc.
Place a fresh roll of toilet paper on the holder
Remove toilet brush and trash can
Best Practices to Consider:
Feel free to do a walkthrough with the photographer upon arrival but avoid following them around during the shoot
If you have limited space, consider designating a secondary room for temporary storage ahead of time rather than trying to move items from room to room while the photographer is on site
Make sure pets are out of the home or kenneled
Photographers will not be staging your home so please make arrangements prior to the shoot
Don’t rush your photographer – Great images are critical when marketing a home for sale, so it is in your best interest to be patient and let your photographer do their thing
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