News, Portraits & Wildlife

News, Portrait & Wildlife Galleries

Although I focus on real estate photography full-time, I also have experience photographing breaking news, individual and family portraits, and wildlife. Explore my work by clicking on the galleries below.

Newsworthy Events

My first job, more than three decades ago, was at a local newspaper then operated by News Tribute Publishing Co. Once the news bug bit, I’ve always migrated toward opportunities to capture the human perspective of breaking news and local events.

Individual & Family Portraits

Portrait photography, whether for individuals, seniors and graduates, or families always provides a fun and unique opportunity to capture the candid moments which best highlight the family relationship. With little ones it’s especially fun to set them lose and capture their raw, joyful energy.

Pets & Wildlife

Pets and wildlife are among my most favorite subjects to photograph. As a lifelong animal lover, having adopted multiple special needs pets, it’s a pure joy to capture these precious animals in their natural element. Visit this gallery for more information about my Phoenix Zoo collection including books, calendars, and prints.